Employee Care

Cash rewards We offer a full competitive market for employees remuneration package will be reviewed on an annual salary of employees after the end of the year, we also provide performance bonuses based on the company's overall performance and employee performance, reflecting the growth of the company and employees with a total share of philosophy. Stock We consistently outstanding performance for the performance, and those who want to provide the backbone of the company's stock in the long-term development of the company's employees, aims to share growth for the company, the employees and the long-term interests of the individual interests of the company's development closely together. Staff security We provide comprehensive protection scheme for employees, in addition to the state pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, housing fund, we also provide employees with free health examination once a year. Paid leave In addition to a variety of statutory holidays, we also provide humane day's paid sick leave per month. Development The company is in a rapid period of growth in the past five years, we are pleased to see a large number of new people in the company to grow as the backbone and managers. We provide a broad development space for students aspiring to joint development with the company. Other benefits Companies do our best to provide a variety of practical benefits to employees, to create a comfortable working environment, each office floors are equipped with vending machines, self-service coffee machine, providing meals at noon and in the afternoon, more fruit and afternoon tea provided. In order to enrich their spare time, the company set up a variety of sports associations regularly organize corporate travel, organizing birthday ...... look forward to continue to explore and participate in after you join.