Cultural Promotion


Compliance with laws and regulations and rules and regulations, compliance with industry standards, compliance with Code of Conduct for the company establish a good image and reputation; honesty, and honor, to face success and failure, not to shirk its responsibility and take concrete actions to win customers, colleagues respect and trust; observe professional ethics, loyalty to the company, maintaining the company's interests, the conservative trade secrets, information on the work does not hide, not false.


Focus on team goals and overall interests, and internal and external personnel to work together and strive to achieve the company's goals; to the company's development-oriented, carry no border management thinking, actively identify problems and through various channels to facilitate problem solving; active communication, airing, seriously listen to the views of others, and make improvements in their work.

Good at learning

Keep an open mind, to recognize and learn from others experiences and strengths; objectively evaluate themselves, continued to improve their ability to continue to improve our work, the pursuit of higher performance; broaden horizons, think globally, concerned leader, put all the valuable experience and practice active practice.


With a high degree of professionalism, responsibility and professional attitude towards work, job done; hard, down to earth, despite the difficulties, perseverance, and do not stop until the goal; concerns order and quality, the courage to reveal problems, suggest improvements and promote the settlement of .


Not conservative, unconventional thinking to introduce even create new ideas, new mechanisms, new technologies, new services, and dare change, courage; adept in a variety of environments and conditions actively looking for opportunities, seize opportunities, to ensure development.

The pursuit of excellence

Adhere to the pursuit of the concept of high performance targets, continuous improvement work, quit already, certainly into dry; understand and agree with the company's strategy, setting the direction of development is consistent with the company, challenging goals and unremitting efforts; confidence and the courage to go beyond the self, breaking the "impossible" thinking bottlenecks, constantly seeking to develop, have dared to fight first, to become strong in spirit.